How I Write Code: Pen and Paper

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02·09·2021 I am a self taught programmer. I first began programming as a child, and have by no means troubled to officially learn about this self-discipline. To me, programming is to start with a nice inventive pursuit. It’s slightly like striking in combination and taking aside a wide variety of machines, with the exception of those machines occur to be digital structures, and you get to stay your palms blank (smartly, most commonly…) Incidentally, this delightful task could also be how I reinforce my circle of relatives. But despite the fact that I love programming, I check out no longer to sit down in entrance of a pc display screen an excessive amount of. I don’t to find observing a display screen all day advisable, no longer for my bodily well being, nor for my psychological well being. In the previous couple of years, I’ve began a addiction of sketching my programming concepts the usage of pen and paper. I’m no longer speaking right here about todo lists, or making diagrams. I’m speaking about in reality writing code the usage of pen and paper. Let me provide an explanation for. Why pen & paper So much has been written about some great benefits of handwriting vs typing. I is not going to enumerate they all right here, however I will let you know that since I began this custom I to find I’m extra productive, and I appear to provide better-quality code. The mere indisputable fact that I can pay attention to a unmarried drawback with none distractions is already a large benefit, and it sort of feels to me that thru writing pages upon pages with a pen, scratching dangerous concepts, rewriting small bits of code, I achieve (as though by means of magic) a deeper working out of my code. What about debugging? What about checking out? When you write code on paper, you don’t have any method to see in case your code works. Maybe in the future I’ll be capable of handwrite code on an e-Ink instrument and then run it. Until that day, all that I have is my concepts, my instinct, my wisdom, and my “psychological runtime” – a psychological concept procedure that simulates some more or less laptop runtime that is going during the code, comparing it. Of direction, my psychological procedure isn’t very best. It will let slip thru a wide variety of insects, issues I’m no longer good sufficient to locate sooner than in reality feeding the code to a pc. That’s why I check out to be aware of one small drawback at a time. Nothing larger than a web page or two, and most commonly brief snippets that put into effect a selected set of rules. Iterate, iterate, iterate So as soon as I get started exploring an issue area with pen & paper, I simply iterate on it till I really feel I’ve discovered the most productive option to the issue. Once I’ve accomplished that, I can after all open my computer and kind the code into my favourite editor. Sometimes it really works like magic, I simply kind within the code and the whole thing works. Sometimes it wishes some further effort in modifying and elaborating. But nonetheless, although my handwritten code became out to be handiest in part right kind, or wanted some remodeling for it to slot in with different elements, I really feel like spending time sketching code and reflecting on it sooner than turning to the pc has given me a deeper working out of the code. A up to date instance Here’s…

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