Here’s What JavaScript Frameworks Have in Common with the Spice Girls

Here’s What JavaScript Frameworks Have in Common with the Spice Girls thenextweb.com2 years ago in #Funny Love56

This article was originally published on .cult by Russell Snyder. .cult is a media platform for untold developer stories, where developers can read content around the softer side of development and watch documentaries about the tech they love. You can read this original piece here. I’ll tell you what I want; what I really, really want: for you to read about which Spice Girls are the embodiment of your favorite Javascript frameworks. This is the content you didn’t know you needed. Posh Spice = Angular Showing others in the group how to do it Like Posh being the fashionista of the Spice Girls, Angular was the first in fashion, setting the bar for other JS frameworks. Yes, there were others around, but Angular was the first JS framework that really caught international attention. Even before it was cool to do so, Angular went ahead of the curve by incorporating types in its core library. Sleek style Angular was named for its syntax. The same way Posh wears her hair down and often rocks a snug-fitting dress, Angular’s powerful CLI allows developers to keep their apps lean and move fast by omitting boilerplate code. [Read: A comprehensive guide to JavaScript design patterns] Most branded With corporate backings, Posh had the power to penetrate the hearts of teens the same way Angular found a hold in the corporate world. Posh spice and Angular are both backed by big brands that start with ‘G’ – Gucci and Google. I’ll let you figure out which one is for which 😉 Ginger Spice = React Center of attention Ginger and React like to be seen. Ginger’s red hair and React’s social media presence radiate for miles. Loudest, most iconic in the group Even though React wasn’t the first, it certainly has become the most iconic framework of modern Javascript. The same way Ginger is vocal about girl power, the React community is vocal about Javascript  issues pushing the language and web itself into bold new directions. Confidence to venture away from group Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls in ‘98 to pursue a solo career only to return to the group in 2007. Her strong confidence allowed her to venture off into new territories. React started as a web framework, but has since branched out far and wide. Not only can React be found in a wide range of industries and of companies of different sizes, but it’s also in mobile development (React Native), desktop app development (Electron), 3D rendering (React-Three) and even VR development (React-360)! Sporty Spice = Vue Opposite of Posh Spice Sporty spice is fiercely independent. She doesn’t need others and she doesn’t feel the need to teach the other Spice Girls. The same can be said of Vue. Rejecting the opinionated styles of Angular, Vue’s creator set out to focus on allowing more interactivity and efficient workflow on a project-to-project basis rather than force a user to build an entire application for every tiny small website. Self-reliant Vue, like Sporty spice, is not backed by a major brand. Started by one person, Vue is still only supported by a handful of open source contributors. This is not by accident. If you aren’t backed by sponsors, you can change quickly and adapt to new situations without having to pause and ask for permission.  » Read More

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