Haptic UX — The Design Guide for Building Touch Experiences

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Let’s explore the world of haptics! We’ll dive into how product designers and technologists can build experiences that leverage our sense of touch. The field of haptics is one of the fastest growing, yet one of the most understudied fields in user experience. As our everyday device interactions shift from keyboard+mouse to phones, car entertainment systems, and everyday objects, the way we interact and receive feedback from the physical world becomes evermore important. This guide will give you a basic overview of haptics, their application in UX, and best practices. Haptics falls under the field of kinaesthetic communication, which focuses on tactile contact as a form of communication. Tactile feelings are salient and pervasive. Imagine holding a child for the first time, hugging a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, or feeling your phone vibrate rapidly in your pocket. These sensations generate very real feelings that stick with us.

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