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elements/button.json { “identification”: “button”, “displayName”: “Button”, “class”: “Buttons”, “tag”: “a”, “classNames”: “font-daring rounded border-2 hover:opacity-70 inline-block textual content-middle”, “content material”: { “kind”: “worth”, “worth”: “Button” }, “choices”: [ { “name”: “Link”, “label”: “href”, “modify”: “attribute”, “attributeName”: “href”, “type”: “text” }, { “name”: “type”, “label”: “Type”, “modify”: “className”, “type”: “select”, “options”: [ { “label”: “Default”, “value”: “bg-gray-200 border-gray-200” }, { “label”: “Primary”, “value”: “bg-primary border-primary text-white” }, { “label”: “Primary Outline”, “value”: “bg-white border-primary text-primary” }, { “label”: “Secondary”, “value”: “bg-secondary border-secondary text-white” }, { “label”: “Secondary Outline”, “value”: “bg-white border-secondary text-secondary” }, { “label”: “Error”, “value”: “bg-error border-error text-white” }, { “label”: “Error Outline”, “value”: “bg-white border-error text-error” } ] }, ]}  » Read More

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