Why do We Use .Html Instead of .Htm? #Funny

3 months ago
Why do We Use .Html Instead of .Htm?

Interesting question from Andy:Serious question. Why do we use .html instead of .htm? / @adactio @css— Andy Clarke (@Malarkey) December 12, 2019The most likely answer from the thread: DOS was a massive operating system for PCs for a long time and it had a three-character limit on file extensions.Interesting that the first book on HTML covers this specifically:From the HTML Manual of Style (1994)… the first book on HTML 📚🙂 pic.twitter.com/PtUTdr7I2k— Phil (@phildcpickering) December 12, 2019Where my mind went was server software. I know that web servers automatically do different things with different file types. In a test on my own server (set up to serve a WordPress site), I put some files at the root that all contain the exact same content: <h1>Cool</h1>file.text = file is rendered as plain text in browser (Content-Type: text/plain)file.html = file renders as HTML in browser (Content-Type: text/html)file.htm = file renders as HTML in…

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