Show HN: One Page Calendar 2020 #Funny
3 months ago
Show HN: One Page Calendar 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, we here at Emojipedia have been reflecting on all the emoji updates that took place throughout the year.We’ve seen long-request designs such as white heart and flamingo be introduced to all major vendors.Gender neutral people were made the default appearance for many emojis starting on Android. A bunch of additional gender inclusive emojis also came to iOS in the past few months, and the world didn’t collapse as a result.So with all that in mind, what else happened in the world of emojis this year?Two infamous new emojis added in 2019 were the 🥱 Yawning Face and the 🤏 Pinching Hand.Above: the new 🥱 Yawning Face emoji as it appears across various vendors.Above: the new 🤏 Pinching Hand emoji as it appears across various vendors when sent without a skin tone modifier.A total of 25 emoji releases were added to Emojipedia throughout the year…

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