PSA: Update the Copyright Year on your Site #Funny
3 months ago
PSA: Update the Copyright Year on your Site

Every year about this time I see articles going around reminding people how to update the copyright on their websites. Usually somewhere in the footer. You know, a line like:© Copyright 2007-2019 CSS-TricksI am very absolutely not a lawyer, but this is how I understand it:You don’t actually need that if your goal is copyrighting blog posts. Blog posts are copyrighted (in the United States) the second you publish them, with or without a copyright notice. You just can’t sue anybody over infringement unless you register the copyright.People say it may “defer” infringements (but I don’t buy it).People say it may win you greater settlements should you sue and win (but I wouldn’t even know where to begin fact-checking that).Personally, I usually don’t bother with it, but don’t take that as legal advice. I feel like it’s usually included for a bit of swagger like, “lookie how long we’ve been…

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