How to Make a Grid-Powered Resume #Funny
3 months ago
How to Make a Grid-Powered Resume

Many popular resume designs are making the most of the available page space by laying sections out in a grid shape. Let’s use CSS Grid to create a layout that looks great when printed and at different screen sizes. That way, we can use the resume online and offline, which might come in handy during the new year!First, we will create a resume container, and our resume sections.<article class=”resume”> <section class=”name”></section> <section class=”photo”></section> <section class=”about”></section> <section class=”work”></section> <section class=”education”></section> <section class=”community”></section> <section class=”skills”></section> </article>To start using Grid, we add display: grid to our outer resume element. Next, we describe how things should be placed on the grid. In this case, we will specify two columns and four rows.We are using the CSS Grid’s fr unit to specify how many fractions on the available space to give. We will give the rows equal space (1fr each), and make the first column…

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