How to Build your Resume on Npm #Funny
2 months ago
How to Build your Resume on Npm

Just yesterday, Ali Churcher shared a neat way to make a resume using a CSS Grid layout. Let’s build off that a bit by creating a template that we can spin up whenever we want using the command line. The cool thing about that is that you’ll be able to run it with just one command.I know the command line can be intimidating, and yes, we’ll be working in Node.js a bit. We’ll keep things broken out into small steps to make it easier to follow along.Like many projects, there’s a little setup involved. Start by creating an empty folder in your working directory and initialize a project using npm or Yarn.mkdir your-project && cd “$_” ## npm npm init ## Yarn yarn initWhatever name you use for “your-project” will be the name of your package in the npm registry.The next step is to create an entry file…

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