CSS + SVG: A Little Love Story #Funny

3 months ago
CSS + SVG: A Little Love Story

https://voltomedia.com/fresh/wp-content/uploads/CSS-SVG-A-Little-Love-Story.png&signature=0c2f5104ae04be89dab98e166a68b774-scaled.png For the last 20 years, businesses have fallen hard for dashboards. It was the easy start to becoming an operationally sound and data-driven business. The trend grew, and now board members and executives expect interactive functions and explorable data as part of quarterly reports. Product or demand general managers, who might each drive sales targets and must choose between so many execution options, find that dashboard checks are a daily if not hourly requirement. The analyst, whose work title could be just about anything, was part of this rising tide. But their individual path could be rough or easy, strategic or clerical, creative or tedious depending on the political landscape and technology choices of their company. All of this will change in 2020, the year that dashboards begin to die. Every business should have a speedometer. You should know the resources you’re burning and the velocity you’ve reached as…

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