40 Unusually Creative Mugs, Cups & Glasses

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Nothing wakes me up better than a good cuppa in the morning. To some of us, cups, mugs, glasses; they are just something to hold our beverages; what matters is what we pour into them. To others, it wouldn’t hurt to have an unusual mug or two that screams “this mug is unique, and it’s also mine”. Well, my black Universal Studios mug isn’t as unique as the following 40 unique mugs, cups and glasses you’re about to see, but the shape does emit a sense of comfort and familiarity to me. May be you will find one that suits your personality from the showcase below. 50 Coffee Mugs You Won’t Mind Getting for a Change 50 Coffee Mugs You Won’t Mind Getting for a Change If you’re a huge coffee lover like me, you’d never have enough coffee mugs. A nice mug for… Read more Coffee Bean Mug Looking at the coffee beans, you’ll be perked up before you even start sipping. Source: RC Taylor Crumbled ‘Plastic’ Cup A playful imitation of the typical translucent plastic cup. Don’t throw this one away though. Source: Mathias Winks Hopside Down Bottoms Up! Source: Mathias Winks Nikon Camera Lens Mugs Another sleek and creative design for photographers. Source: Pinterest Chain-Link Magnetic Cups Storing is easy with magnetic cups. (Image Source: Angela Schwab) RE-think RE-cycle Environmentally-friendly cups for your daily use. Source: Saleem Khattak & Soren Schou & Peter Busby Punch The perfect sidekick for beverages that pack a punch. Source: Cristobal Karich Origami Exquisite (but not so ergonomic) origami patterns for cups. Source: Adam Zwierzynski Mug Drink Selector Tired of repeating your coffee order? Even the tealady can’t get it wrong now. Source: Suck UK Tie Tea for Right Handed Person, White It’s pretty irritating when your tea label gets into a good cup of tea, no? With this design, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Source: le mouton noir & co Double Walled Porcelain Tea Cup with Sealable Cap Being double-layered porcelain, this cup works like a thermal flask. There’s also a sealable cap to keep your drinks warm. Source: Toast Living Classic Chalk Talk 12-Ounce Mug, Black, Gift Boxed Design your own mug! The surface allows you to write or draw with your chalks. Source: Konitz Stacked Ceramic 12-Ounce Mug Looks like three cups stacked against each other, but no, it’s just an illusion. Source: Pinterest Half Full Glass This half-full glass is a good reminder for all pessimists to be optimistic and all optimists to stay as they are. (Image Source: Fred Designs) Winestein Double-Walled Glass Mug A delicate mix of wine glass and beer mug for all alcohol lovers. Source: Fred and Friends Bombs Away 1-1/2-Ounce Shot Glasses A conical craving within your typical shot glass. Source: Pinterest Water Carafe And Glass The apparent stack of plastic cups is actually a water carafe.  » Read More

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