From Gut to Plan: The Thoughtful Execution Framework

From Gut to Plan: The Thoughtful Execution Framework noupe.com2 years ago in #Web Design Love54

When it comes to boosting organic reach, nothing works quite as well as a solid content marketing strategy. But no matter how much you churn out, the truth is, quality always beats quantity. To stand out from your competitors (who are probably well-aware of the importance of content as well), you need to learn how to create something amazing. Generating epic content isn’t that simple. Especially if you’re taking a DIY approach to your blog, YouTube channel, social media accounts, or podcast. But, it’s not impossible to produce either. All you need are the right tools and tips to make the most of your resources.  If you’re ready to step up your game, read on to learn how you can create posts that raise the bar. 1. Come up with a great topic Before you get down to writing or recording, you need to have a clear understanding of the exact message you want to send out to your audience. After all, nobody likes reading a page full of rambling that’s got no beginning, middle, ending, or value. So make sure you’ve got your topic figured out. For a good place to start, you can check out HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator, which is a helpful tool you can turn to whenever you lack inspiration. 2. Make your headline attention-grabbing Whether you’re the type of person who starts from the headline or tends to do their writing first and circle back to the beginning, know that the title you choose for your post is going to determine whether you get the results you want. So ensure it’s attention-grabbing, optimized for SEO, and that it ties in well with your central topic. According to research, one of the most successful marketing strategies is to appeal to your reader’s emotions. And your headlines can be a huge part of that strategy. So, before you click publish, you can run it through the Headline Analyzer, which will check its Emotional Marketing Value and let you know whether you’ve got it right or if you still need to do a bit of polishing. 3. Check your readability score When writing for the web, aim to make your text understandable to anyone over the age of 13. This means skipping complicated words, keeping sentences short, and avoiding the passive voice. You should also try to shorten your paragraphs, break your text up with headlines, and use bullet points where possible. The Hemingway Editor app is one of the best tools out there. It will let you check your readability score and give you tips on improvement. All you need to do is enter your text, and you’ll get a comprehensive overview of everything that’s working well and anything that still needs refinement. Plus, it’s free. 4. Make the most of user-generated content While the motivation behind your content marketing is building your authority, don’t forget that letting others do the talking is one of the best strategies out there. Customer feedback and reviews are crucial forms of social proof. So give them the space they deserve on your website and social media profiles. And don’t stop there. You can share a host of user-generated content over a variety of platforms. Unboxing videos on YouTube, influencer posts on Instagram, or hashtags that let customers tag you in their posts are all a great way to encourage engagement and build trust.  » Read More

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