Focusing on Focal Mechanisms with Python

Focusing on Focal Mechanisms with Python hackernoon.com11 months ago in #Dev Love36

A complete educational for plotting focal mechanism “beach-balls” the usage of the PyGMT package deal for Python. The walk-through covers downloading focal mechanism information from the SCEDC, conditioning the information, making a postscript legend, and plotting the whole thing on a map. Highlights come with: – Offsetting “beach-balls” from their level of beginning – Scaling “beach-balls” by way of magnitude – Coloring “beach-balls” by way of intensity – Plotting label textual content above each and every “beach-ball” – Controlling the dimensions of the label textual content – Automatically downloading an SRTM DEM – Creating a postscript legend record First Try Learning new issues and sharing them Tags Join Hacker Noon Create your unfastened account to unencumber your customized studying enjoy.  » Read More

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