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The infamous #designtwitter have its own share of ups and downs. Recently one designer had quite a dramatic turn of events during the announcement of his new product that could totally change our workflow. Coming back, It brings the question back ‘What’s the importance of ‘Open Design’?. What I mean is how does the community values its own principles through sharing, connecting, learning and simply being ‘open source’. It’s a huge topic and we all have our own opinions on the matter. Our friends from Figma have introduced today: Community. It’s their take on building new spaces for designers to connect with teammates and the entire community. Let’s build it together. Now in beta, the Figma Community is a public space where you can publish live design files and create a public profile. Anyone in the world can view your file source, remix it, and learn from your work. Image courtesy of Figma The Figma Community, releasing in beta, is a public space where you can now publish live design files that anyone in the world can inspect, remix, and learn from. In their words Your Figma workspace, redesigned around the people in your team, makes it easier for anyone to discover the most important work and projects. Building the Figma Community with our customers Our users are the bedrock of the Figma Community, so we knew from the start we could never build this alone. Much like with plugins, the space will come to life with all of your involvement, and we’re excited to see what everyone comes up with. Image courtesy of Figma In our first release of the Figma Community beta, you’ll be able to choose which files you want to publish to your public profile. The first license we’ll offer will be the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Unsplash wants to make it easier for designers to add beautiful avatars to their creations. Image courtesy of Figma Creating communities inside your Figma workspace The other part of this community vision is to bring communal spaces into all your workspaces. Community is all about the people, yet design files historically have not been. We want to change that. Instead of navigating by folders and file names that are easy to forget, we’re re-orienting work in Figma to be centered on the people behind the file. Get the latest updates on Project Pages See the people behind the work Discover work on Internal Profiles Image courtesy of Figma A note about feature roll-out: The new Project, Team and Organization Pages will be rolling out to all our users over the next week. Internal Profiles are available to customers on the Organization Plan now, and will soon be available to all users in a month. URL Out – – abduzeedo.comDate – 2019-10-23 04:00:52

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