Facebook Rebrands to Distinguish the Company from the App

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Facebook has unveiled a new company brand, featuring a capitalised wordmark, bespoke typeface and a flexible colour palette that changes depending on its environment. Created with assistance from UK-based type foundry Dalton Maag and agency Saffron, the new brand identity aims to distinguish the company from the app, which will retain its current logo and branding. The decision to rebrand follows a move from Facebook to be more visible about its ownership of other apps like WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram and Portal, recently introducing the “from Facebook” tagline to the products it owns. The brand identity will be introduced across these apps in the coming weeks, as well as to a new company website, which will launch on 12 November. Speaking to It’s Nice That, Facebook’s head of design Luke Woods says, “When folks hear the word Facebook, they immediately think about Facebook the app. They don’t find the connection to all of the other products and services that are part of the larger Facebook company. And that’s really what we’re trying to solve here.” Starting at the beginning of 2019, Facebook brought together a team from across different areas of the business to work on the rebrand. Working iteratively in similar way to how Facebook prototypes digital products, the process first involved talking to Facebook employees, app users and businesses that use the platform about their perception of the brand, before devising three “design behaviours” that the new brand needed to embody: clarity (to simplify and build understanding), empathy (to respect context and environment) and creating space (to support users’ stories). The team also enlisted UK-based type foundry Dalton Maag and agency Saffron to collaborate on the project. Facebook creative director Zach Stubenvoll tells us, “Part of that decision was that we really wanted an international perspective as we’re looking at [the brand] internally and externally. Having Dalton Maag and Saffron’s perspectives were very helpful to keep us moving quickly in this process and understand we’re building a brand for a global audience.” One of the key design decisions was to create a new brand that felt immediately different from the existing Facebook branding. Woods says, “We looked at the Facebook core visual assets, its word mark and approach to typography. They’re lowercase letters, very condensed, vertically proportioned letterforms, with sharp edges. We thought about what tools we have as designers to draw a distinction.” URL Out – https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/facebook-rebrand-word-mark-redesign-graphic-design-041119Author – www.itsnicethat.comDate – 2019-11-06 15:05:39

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