Easiest Development Tasks to Outsource

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Software development is no easy task, especially when you’re looking to create something innovative, inspiring, and unique. It is a mishmash of various processes whose complexity depends on the project involved.Irrespective of the software development life cycle methodology adopted, software development involves these steps:Conceiving the software/applicationSpecifying the requirements for developing the software/applicationDesigning the software/applicationProgramming the software or application using one or many programming languages and frameworksDocumenting the entire software/applicationTesting the developed software or applicationDebugging and removing the various errors and bugs found in the software/application during the testing phaseDeployment of the developed software/application at the desired location/system(s)Maintaining the developed software/application that includes adding relevant updates, new features, and finding and fixing previously unaddressed issuesWhile some businesses like to complete as many development projects as strictly in-house as possible, others like to outsource several development tasks for varied reasons. You can hire an outsourced development team to help you with the software development process more efficiently.Outsourcing has become a global phenomenon now. It has grown to such an extent that freelancing has become a full-fledged profession these days. As a consequence, there is no dearth of best nearshore and offshore development companies, ready to help you out with your development projects readily.The first two steps of software development i.e., conceiving and specifying, are obviously not outsourceable. This is because these are decided solely by the client and the provider.Moreover, the deployment process is also not preferred to outsource as the client would definitely want the provider to do the deployment themselves, not anyone that they have hired. Finally, maintaining is something that the provider is held responsible for. Hence, it can’t be outsourced as well. The rest of the software development process can be outsourced.Looking to outsource developers to your team but don’t know which tasks need to be outsourced and which doesn’t? Worry not, we’ll help you out. The following section details various tasks of the entire software development process that can be easily outsourced.Development Tasks Easiest to Outsource1. DesigningAs soon as the requirements are noted down, software development enters the designing phase. It involves a maiden or high-level design of the main modules of the software with an overall design representation, usually using a block diagram of the software or app being developed.The programming language, operating system/platform, and hardware components are all known by this time. Afterward, a detailed or low-level design is created with prototyping as proof-of-concept or for firming up requirements.Designing is one of the development tasks that can be outsourced and is typically outsourced. You simply need to provide the specifications sheet to the experienced outsourcing team, and they will come with a suitable design for you. You can also ask them to present you with multiple choices.2. ProgrammingAnother part of the software development process that you can outsource is programming. This part of the software/application development involves real coding in the programming language(s) of choice. You can decide the programming tools on your own or consult an outsourcing provider to suggest the best options to you.Once you’ve decided what needs to be added to the software and how each and everything should work, it’s time to hire an offshore development team that can get the programming done. You can review their work and ask for changes/modifications required, if any.3. DocumentingDocumenting is that part of the software development process that involves organizing the internal design of the software for future enhancement and maintenance. It can be easily outsourced at one’s own convenience.Typically, documenting is done throughout the software development process. This is due to the evolving nature of the software development process. These new changes need…

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