Dropbox Becomes Collaborative Work Tool with New 'Spaces' Feature

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Despite competition from tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Dropbox has remained one of the best cloud storage options because it just syncs files. However, the desktop app was recently overhauled to become a hub for all your work, and now Dropbox is introducing a new feature for people collaborating on a project. Dropbox now allows you to turn any folder into a ‘Space’ by adding a description. Once you do that, you can pin files and folders and create lists/to-dos. This is on top of all the features already available in regular Dropbox folders, like adding comments to files, importing web links, and viewing file histories. The Android app only seems to have rudimentary support for Spaces right now — descriptions can’t be edited, and to-dos can’t be added (but they can be completed). Hopefully, this will improve over time. Other new features being rolled out include machine-learning image search (like Google Photos), file previews, and the ability to add Dropbox Paper documents to any folders. Dropbox says a feature for searching inside documents is coming soon. Even though I do use Dropbox to manage work-related files, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the company reinventing itself as the next Slack or Trello. The new features are nice, but switching the desktop client from a dead-simple sync tool to a complex Electron-based application, on top of raising the price of the Pro subscription yet again, feels like Dropbox is trying to appease investors more than its users. Thankfully for me, the company doesn’t seem interested in bringing the new desktop client to Linux.

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