Do You Need a Landing Page? Some Useful Tips

Do You Need a Landing Page? Some Useful Tips

What’s a landing page anyway? (some people don’t like to ask but we don’t mind!) A landing page is a page which has a single goal – whether it’s promote or represent a single product, offer or service and give more information on that one thing. I am sure you’ve seen them around! Whether or not you’ve got some going, it’s always good to learn about landing pages, there are so many things to consider and test – once you have one you can vary different elements and try different ways of promoting them and learn as you go. Of course, as always, if you’re overwhelmed and confused, you can always just get in touch and ask us questions! Your first landing page could be for just one product or service, as a way to promote and raise awareness of that “thing” you want to sell! Once you have this, you can use SEO, PPC, content marketing, blogging and social advertising to drive traffic to your page, gain interest in something you’d really like to promote, and get people’s details – effectively building a leads list! How amazing is that? So to answer the question “Do I need one?” you can ask yourself: Do I have at least specific services I’d love more clients / customers for? Whatever it is, make it something you want to sell more of! You enjoy the work; you get good feedback and it’s profitable. You can add a landing page to your website or create a standalone. For best success, ensure you have: A clear headline A compelling call to action A simple form to capture destails Well written, concise copy A well designed visually appealing page A visually appealing relevant image We have a blog article on our site ( with more detail on how to have a successful landing page, if you find it yourself we’re also giving free 1 hour landing page advice session if you can tell us the 11th word in the post! Where do you put your landing page? It can either be stand alone or as part of the site. Some landing pages don’t have links to the main site, (and they are also known as “squeeze pages“) but it can also be designed to fit into the rest of the website, with a header, navigation, design style and footer that matches. Elements to consider for a successful landing page Headline A headline that tells visitors exactly what to expect and what your page is about. “Ready to grow like crazy?” (Mixpanel) “Grow Sales. Save Time (Infusionsoft) “The world’s most scaleable and robust platform (Shopify plus) To convince them: Bullet points allow prospects to quickly scan the page to find out benefits they can expect/what’s included in the offer A relevant image which makes the page visually attractive and gives more clues about what you have. Minimal, precise copy which describes the offer without overwhelming visitors with too mcuh information A privacy policy link or text reassuring people their information is safe with you, you won’t sell their data or spam them. Call to action A “Call to Action” (CTA) element. You can create an image as link, button, or even a menu, saying the thing you want people to do.  » Read More

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