DJ for the Design Team medium.com3 years ago in #Outside Love172 One of my favorite parts of working with a design team is the spark of creative electricity that comes from collective inspiration. Sharing what you love with your colleagues creates community. That’s true whether you sit in offices on opposite sides of the world or in seats only a few feet apart. At Indeed, we’ve found a way to use music to connect everyone on the team and keep us inspired: designer mixtapes. Mixtapes are carefully curated collections of songs that set the right mood. Building and listening to them is a huge part of my creative process and I know I’m not alone. When we focus in on our work, we tend to clamp our headphones on and bury our faces in our screens. Diving into that soundtracked creative flow feels great, but it’s isolating. To learn more about my fellow product designers, I began asking them, “What are you listening to?” I package their answers into a weekly Spotify playlist series and send it out to the product and marketing teams. The cool thing about the mixtapes is that they bring teammates together in the most individual moments we have during the workday. They let us get to know each other a little better even as we go heads down. And people love to share them. Today we have 40 mixes in the archive and that number keeps growing. Coworkers in Austin, Tokyo, San Francisco, and Seattle are listening to each others’ favorite tunes. The project has brought us closer together, and it’s easy to do. The rules are simple Create a Spotify playlist Pick 10 tracks, no more no less Include a square album cover Write a brief description Send it to me in an email Anybody can submit a playlist. The 10-song requirement helps folks focus, otherwise they’re tempted to get too generous. And the album cover is where the creativity can get fun. Because it’s personal and there are no restrictions, we tend to get courageous, diverse imagery. The final package should feel like a cassette tape from the 1980s. You know exactly what you’re getting into and how long the whole experience will run. URL Out – Author – Date – 2019-12-20 05:20:05

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