Vue Vs React: Which is the Better Framework? #Dev
2 months ago
Vue Vs React: Which is the Better Framework?

Learning Curve: React vs VuePerformanceTooling and LibrariesMobile and Desktop DevelopmentCommunity and PopularityJobs and HiringConclusion When it comes to picking Javascript frameworks and libraries, developers are presented with many options yet React and Vue prove to be the popular choice. The challenging part is deciding to use React or Vue. They are similar in a couple of ways, both use a Virtual DOM and possess a reactive and component-based structure.  This article will articulate the strong-points and shortcomings of the two technologies, allowing more clarity into the popular frameworks and which one is most favorable to developers and the growth of the business. Learning Curve: React vs Vue React adopts the JSX format, where HTML is written in JavaScript. Although JSX is in line with functional programming, which is a pretty neat concept, developers are saddled with the responsibility of figuring out this new approach. React is lean at its core, and…

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