Stop Using Google Analytics on your Website

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Google, the world’s largest ad-tech company, has direct access to user data and browsing information from a large part of the web traffic. Their data collection can track an individual from multiple angles to create the best possible behavioral profile. Google has nine different products with more than one billion users each. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with a market share of 64%. Google’s Android is the most popular operating system on mobile devices with a market share of 72%. Google Fonts are used by millions of website developers and it’s the most popular third-party domain accounting for more than 3.5% of all network requests. And then there’s the Google Analytics tool for tracking website stats. Google Analytics is used by millions of websites in order to learn more about their visitors. I used Google Analytics and for years it was one of the first things I integrated on a newly launched site. More recently my thinking about this has changed. Using Google Analytics is a habit website owners, bloggers and web developers should try to stop. Here’s a look at why you should remove Google Analytics from your website and help create a more open, independent web that’s more friendly to the visitors. It’s owned by Google, the largest ad-tech company in the world It’s a bloated script that affects your site speed It’s overkill for the majority of site owners It’s a liability considering GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations It uses cookies so you must obtain consent to store cookies It’s blocked by many plugins and browsers so the data is not very accurate It requires an extensive privacy policy It’s abused by referral spam that skews the data It’s a proprietary product so you need to put your trust in Google It worsens the user experience due to the necessity for the annoying prompts What are the alternatives to Google Analytics? No analytics or server logs Full-blown but more ethical alternatives Search Console for data on search engine visibility Privacy-friendly and simple to understand alternatives Give Plausible Analytics a try Google Analytics is the most popular website stats tool. More than 53% of all sites on the web track their visitors using Google Analytics. 84% of sites that do use a known analytics script use Google Analytics. It’s the most popular third-party request on the web. It accounts for 0.64% of all network requests. Google Analytics is created, hosted and run by the largest ad-tech company in the world. A company that loves to devour all the personal data it can get access to. Google’s products are free to use because Google has built its wealth by collecting huge amounts of personal information and using these personal and behavioral insights to sell targeted advertising. This business model of surveillance capitalism creates a massive demand for personal information. All the raw data that we produce such as the sites that we visit, topics we search for, products that we buy, people that we engage with and locations we spend our time at is used to create better behavioral profiles that are then used to sell targeted advertising directed at us.  » Read More

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