Reasons Why You Should Choose the Microverse Coding Course As Beginner

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Microverse Coding Course As Beginner hackernoon.com3 months ago in #Dev Love28

@Sayyod – 5 years of experience in Banking; – Microverse student; – future Full-stack web/software developer Hello World! I’m Sayyod and I’m a financier. I have almost 5 years of experience in banking. From my childhood, I loved to work on the computer and play video games. At the same time, this love led me to create programs and games such as that. This desire never left me even during study time at the university and also in working time. My mind always thought about it. My whole free time I spent searching how to learn coding from 0. If you surf the internet with patience like me, you can find too many sites and courses which teach you online and promise to become a great developer. Here I will tell you shortly about my search results. I would like to divide them into 2 types: payable and free. 1. Payable — They look great and real. For study in these courses, you will be expected to pay such a noticeable amount of money. Approximately between 18–25 thousand US dollars for the whole curriculum. Pros: They will supply you with teachers, professional staff, hardware, and software. Cons: Unfortunately, most of them are not online. And it is too expensive that most beginners can’t afford 2. Free. In turn, these sites are also divided into 2: The whole curriculum is free; Some parts of the curriculum are free. But you are not guaranteed to become a Web/software developer. They give a few instructions and examples that are not enough. Pros: You don’t have to pay for learning; Cons: There are no teachers, no full guidelines, a lack of materials. I’ve tried with free ones. It doesn’t take too much time to get stuck))) That time I had only 2 questions. First: What is the meaning of these elements? Second: How these elements are working? I didn’t understand what was doing totally. I learned some things but I didn’t know when and how to use them. I realized that I was only wasting my time. I frustrated and stopped. Some times past. in November 2019 on Facebook, I saw a Microverse ad. I can not remember full details of the ad but it fulfilled its task: achieved success to take my attention. I interested in it and clicked to the ad. Then boooom or wooooow. I have no words on how to express my feeling then. I found exactly what I wanted. Microverse teaches you from 0 to full stack developer. Yeah, not for free but no fees until you don’t get any job. This is amazing. and with these offers, they dominated all the sites I have ever seen. I went to their official site, studied thoroughly articles about curriculum, terms, and conditions, checked reviews about the Microverse from other sites. As a result, I satisfied with it absolutely. And quickly started the process. Before starting the full-time course Microverse tests the applicants. Appliers should demonstrate their skills by doing coding challenges and collaborative work. when you aware of coding it may be not difficult, But how do you pass the tests if you are a beginner? in these cases, Microverse offers Pre-course work.  » Read More

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