Real-time Notifications for Jenkins Jobs with CatLight

Real-time Notifications for Jenkins Jobs with CatLight hackernoon.com3 months ago in #Dev Love43

Before deep into, I would like to say this will be useful if you are managing multiple Jenkins jobs which you think is a little bit complex 😊 If you install CatLight, it will be easy to get notified whenever your Jenkins jobs need your attention on any failure. It will notify you of all the actionable alerts about your builds, tasks, and pull requests through your Desktop. Let’s take a little deeper dive! CatLight is a status notifier that notifies the statuses of your Jenkins jobs through your desktop. You can monitor all of your Jenkins jobs using this application. How to install CatLight? Below are the simple steps to install CatLight on your computer Download CatLight - Open app Integrate with Jenkins server using credentials Now it’s straightforward for you to use! Why CatLight? At first, It lets you select projects/jobs you want to monitor (All for ‘All projects’ or select only needed projects). Easy to monitor multiple projects 😊 gives real-time desktop notifications. Gives real-time desktop notifications. Whenever your Jenkins job is executing CatLight will notify you of the build status in your desktop. Do not need to login to Jenkins or any other integrated app to check the status of Jenkins jobs. CatLight does everything for you! Status for all the selected Jenkins jobs. It is very handy and clean when you maintain multiple jobs Impressive icons on your desktop. This will represent your status of the job Handy Dashboard Build Investigation using CatLight This is one of the best features of CatLight. When a build is broken, all team members will see a button inviting them to investigate the build and fix it. Hope this may help you in some way! Comments Tags Subscribe to get your daily round-up of top tech stories!  » Read More

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