Query JSON Documents in the Terminal with GROQ #Dev

4 months ago
Query JSON Documents in the Terminal with GROQ

JSON documents are everywhere today, but they are rarely structured the way you want them to be. They often include too much data, have weirdly named fields, or place the data in unnecessary nested objects. Graph-Relational Object Queries (GROQ) is a query language (like SQL, but different) which is designed to work directly on JSON documents. It basically lets you write queries you can quickly filter and then reformat JSON documents to get them into the most convenient shape. GROQ was developed by Sanity.io (where it’s used as the primary query language). It’s open source and it gives us built-in ways to use it in JavaScript and the command line on any JSON source. Together, we’ll add GROQ to the terminal toolkit, which will save you time whenever you need to wrangle some JSON data on a poject. Let’s install GROQ Like most things, we need to install the GROQ…

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