Pac-Man… in CSS! #Dev
4 months ago
Pac-Man… in CSS!…-in-CSS.png You all know famous Pac-Man video game, right? The game is fun and building an animated Pac-Man character in HTML and CSS is just as fun! I’ll show you how to create one while leveraging the powers of the clip-path property. See the Pen Animated Pac-Man by Maks Akymenko (@maximakymenko)on CodePen. Are you excited? Let’s get to it! First, let’s bootstrap the project We only need two files for our project: index.html and style.css. We could do this manually by creating an empty folder with the files inside. Or, we can use this as an excuse to work with the command line, if you’d like: mkdir pacman cd pacman touch index.html && touch style.css Set up the baseline styles Go to style.css and add basic styling for your project. You could also use things like reset.css and normalize.css to reset the browser styling, but our project is simple and…

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