Feeling Sassy Again #Dev

6 months ago
Feeling Sassy Again

Since 2015, our team has defaulted to PostCSS as our CSS processor of choice. Overall, we like it a lot. But we’ve recently considered re­introducing Sass to our stack. Our first taste of PostCSS was the Autoprefixer plugin, which we ran after Sass finished compiling. Since we were already limiting our use of nesting, loops, mixins and extends in Sass, we were able to transition fully to PostCSS with just a few more plugins. Our projects felt leaner and more focused, our compile times improved, and we appreciated philosophically that the syntax adopted by plugins was usually based on a future CSS standard. But a lot can change in four years. Here’s why we’ve reevaluated the value Sass may add to our projects. Draft Standards Are Not Standards Some of the most popular PostCSS plugins are written like polyfills, enabling syntax that is on track to becoming a web standard. In…

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