Build in-demand skills in Northwestern’s online MS in Information Design

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You’ve set the alarm for 2:45pm. The web developer interview is scheduled for 3:00pm. You are patiently and nervously waiting, tension digging deeper in your chest, hands trembling without any tangible reason, for your mobile phone to ring. You’re wondering what web development interview questions the interviewer is going to fire off at you. Your mind is playing on your nerves. Tension rising notch by notch. “Am I really ready for that coding interview?” — you start beating yourself up. You check your phone — it’s 3:05 pm. No missed calls. Nothing. You anxiously recheck your phone — 3:15 pm… still nothing. You are already 30 minutes under pressure, sweating and silently moaning — your heart races. The latent impostor syndrome arises from the depths. You start freaking out… wondering whether or not you’ve given the wrong phone number… or if they might have forgotten about you. Your mind is leading a furious battle to overcome your anxious trains of thought. You, filled with a desperate hope, grab your phone with your sweaty pawl and look at it for one last time… and then… it rings. You pick up and say, “Hello,” trying to hide the trembling notes in your voice, the anxious quiver of your lips and fingers, while battling the excruciating jittery inside your mind. You introduce each other and then… kinds of interview questions for web developers thrown at you, catching you off guard, that you can barely give an adequate answer to. You realize that you are completely f*cked up. The overwhelming anxiety is growing deeper and deeper in you. You feel like you have a 200-kg bench press on your chest that you can’t lift. Vertigo comes along, and you suddenly forget. You forget your location, the person you are talking to… everything. Hands so sweaty that you just can’t hold your phone without it slipping through your fingers. You know that the chances of making a good impression are so damn low that you’d have more luck if you were to bet on racing cockroaches. To avoid that, you need strong preparation for the next coding interview. You need to have a grasp of the interview questions for web developers you are being asked. That will boost your confidence and diminish the anxiety before the phone or onsite interview. In this article, I’ll talk about the principles behind the developer interview process — the most common web developer questions you can expect from interviewers and how to answer them in a fascinating way that will put a WOW expression on their faces (even if they want to rip your head off, rearrange your face, or just clean their shoes 😉 ). To start off, you need to realize that the web dev interviewing process is more like a negotiation. You’ve been probably taught as a kid that you need to be flawless during interviews and answer every question accurately to make a good impression and get hired. This couldn’t be further from the truth (coming from someone who got hired by sending out a cold message directly to their employer — no official nor traditional interview process). Yes, of course, you need to make a good impression. But if you think that making a good impression comes down to awkwardly staring at your interviewer, frozen, while answering every developer interview question like a robot… you’re highly mistaken my friend.  » Read More

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