Build a Simple Weather App with Vanilla JavaScript #Dev
2 months ago
Build a Simple Weather App with Vanilla JavaScript

If we are going to style a checkbox for the future, it needs to be not only aesthetically pleasing but navigable with keyboard for screen readers. This is almost 2020, yo, let’s style like it is. There are many cool demos out there of fancy checkboxes. These all include some version of hiding the OG checkbox and styling the label and/or pseudo elements. However, many of these cool checkboxes do not take accessibility into account.  There is a marvelous man who created the challenge and inspired me with day No. 66. I not only wanted to teach how this could be done, but how it could be done accessibly. Building the Custom Checkbox Disclaimer: There are many ways to accomplish this effect, I will be walking through just one, the way I thought up! Feel free to play around and come up with a custom way yourself. After all, that…

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