API Development in the Time of COVID-19

API Development in the Time of COVID-19

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@dunithd A Software Engineer from Sri Lanka. Part time writer. Amateur pianist. Let’s face it. Traditional business models that require physical human interaction is going to fail soon COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing at the moment. The biggest damage it has been doing is not only the deaths, but the paralysis of economies worldwide. Many countries were forced to go into a lock-down mode, restricting people’s mobility by almost to 99 percent. If the pandemic situation prevails it will lead traditional businesses like retailers, hotels,restaurants and airlines to go out of business very soon as they require physical presence of people. So they need to come up with new strategies to reach their customer base who will likely to stay at their homes for a long time. Let’s see how technology can help organizations to be creative and make a come back at money making. Businesses need to redefine their existing value delivery channels — Going digital is a must The biggest challenge that businesses will face is to figure out a mechanism to deliver business values to their customers. Just imagine in a locked-down country, what would movie theater owners or restaurant owners do to reach their customers? How do you think the casino owners would survive? With the limited mobility, people will definitely use web or mobile devices to access usual business services. Ordering groceries and food online, performing financial transactions online and attending lectures online are just few examples. These things didn’t come of the blue, they were there before the pandemic — just as an option. But today, delivering business value over the Internet is not just an option; it’s the only choice. It is inevitable that businesses who are not adopting digital strategies will go extinct very soon. What are the challenges when going digital Even in today’s world, many businesses are not digitally enabled nor they see a value of going digital. For example, businesses like retail stores, fine dining restaurants and movie theaters always had people coming into them. They can continue their core business even if the Internet is down. Then why fix it, if it ain’t broke? But now, everyone is forced to go digital for their survival. Would that be an easy task? well, let’s see. Let’s take a fine-dining restaurant as an example. For many years, customers came to them for dinning-in. Hence they didn’t take online food delivery as a serious thing. There are no customer facing IT applications except the website which simply displays the menu. Other systems like table reservation, kitchen and inventory management are strictly internal. Now the only choice they have is to accept orders online and deliver them to people’s homes. Obviously the restaurant owner has to: Build a mobile app to display the menu and let customers place orders. Modify the website to accept orders online. Build a back-end application to process orders. This need to be integrated with existing in-house systems as well. Hire a delivery staff to the deliveries. Track deliveries and manage the fleet. Now it appears that the restaurant has to invest in IT and delivery aspects of the business which they are not very familiar with. Surely this seems like a lot of work and many businesses will face similar problems when reaching their customers online. The most common problems would be lack of expertise in Digital Transformation,  » Read More

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