Abstracting WordPress Code to Reuse with Other CMS #Dev

3 months ago
Abstracting WordPress Code to Reuse with Other CMS

When you develop a website,there are many things you need to consider. Security is also one of them. Withcyberattacks on websites rising every year, it has become an additionalresponsibility of web developers to build a solid foundation for the securityof their websites. SSL is also a part of that foundation. So, if you’re a webdeveloper, there are certain things you must know about it in order to ensure thesecurity of your websites. Here we’re going to cover those things foryou, so you can develop websites that are SSL-protected. SSL and TLS: What’s the difference First, an important fact:What we’re talking about is NOT SSL!  That’s right – it’s Transfer Layer Security(TLS) protocol that secures our webpages today. The TLS is a successor to SSL3.0, and it was adopted way back in 2014 after SSL was found vulnerable toPOODLE attacks. However, SSL continued to be the mainstream term for securedata transfer…

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