A Look at JAMstack’s Speed, by the Numbers #Dev

4 months ago
A Look at JAMstack’s Speed, by the Numbers

People say JAMstack sites are fast — let’s find out why by looking at real performance metrics! We’ll cover common metrics, like Time to First Byte (TTFB) among others, then compare data across a wide section of sites to see how different ways to slice those sites up compare. First, I’d like to present a small analysis to provide some background. According to the HTTPArchive metrics report on page loading, users wait an average of 6.7 seconds to see primary content. First Contentful Paint (FCP) – measures the point at which text or graphics are first rendered to the screen. The FCP distribution for the 10th, 50th and 90th percentile values as reported on August 1, 2019. If we are talking about engagement with a page (Time to Interactive), users wait even longer. The average time to interactive is 9.3 seconds. Time to Interactive (TTI) – a time when user…

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