5 Essential Skills for Web Developers Today

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Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re mentoring someone who is new to web development. They want to learn the necessary skills for becoming a professional, but aren’t sure where to focus. What would you tell them? Now, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran of the industry, the skills you need to succeed are always evolving. Yet, there are still some foundational things that everyone should know – regardless of specialty. Today, we’ll train our focus on a bit of both the new and traditional. Let’s take a look at the five essential skills for web developers in the present day. Your Web Designer Toolbox Unlimited Downloads: 500,000 Web Templates, Icon Sets, Themes & Design Assets Starting at only $16.50/month! HTML and CSS Surprised to see these two on the list? That’s understandable to some degree, as there are certainly more “exciting” technologies out there. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss them. To the contrary, both HTML and CSS continue to be the building blocks of the web. HTML is as important as ever, even if you’re using more robust languages such as PHP or JavaScript. Its role has evolved from something we used to style or lay out a page (though it was never intended for that purpose) to helping us build a semantic and accessible web. CSS has also seen quite the evolution in its own right. The rise of CSS Grid and Flexbox have transformed how we create layouts. And it has also become a staple of animation, along with responsive design and advanced styling techniques. In some cases, it even serves as a solid replacement for JavaScript. So, just like a house needs a solid foundation, web developers need to understand HTML and CSS inside-out. It would be difficult to accomplish other advanced functionalities without them. JavaScript JavaScript has also seen its own evolution. It started as a language that was often used to manipulate DOM elements and add a bit of functionality to websites. And it’s still quite adept for this purpose. However, we’re now seeing entire interfaces being built with JavaScript as the main ingredient. This has a lot to do with some powerful frameworks that have come along in recent years. React and Vue, in particular, have led the way in this area. While we haven’t seen these UIs take over the web just yet, it’s a segment that should continue to grow. That alone makes it worth digging into a framework or two. Another area of growth is coming from WordPress and its Gutenberg block editor. It makes heavy use of React, which also happens to be a requirement for creating custom blocks natively. Put it all together and you have lots of valid reasons for focusing on your JavaScript skills. The Command Line Everyone loves a good GUI. It just seems more comforting to point-and-click or drag-and-drop your way to accomplishing your goals. Still, the command line remains very relevant. The funny thing is that even the latest buzzworthy technologies rely on the command line, or at least recommend its use. Take GatsbyJS, for example. The static site generator is all the rage these days and requires the command line to both build and maintain websites.  » Read More

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