3 Ways to Take Back Control from PPC Automations #Dev

4 months ago
3 Ways to Take Back Control from PPC Automations

“Machines are better than people!”  While true in some instances, such a provocative statement conjures B-movie imagery of machines running rampant and destroying humanity — foretelling a time in which great intentions actually destroy the future.  Not the case in PPC. It’s true that, in certain functions, machines ARE better than people. The brilliant minds at Google, Bing, Amazon and Facebook are in a pitched battle to drive time-saving automations to ease the burden on PPC pros. So much so, that many people in our industry understandably fear being automated into a totally different career.  Reality? The more the big engines automate, the more value a smart PPC pro can bring to the game. Over the past year, we’ve made automation standard in our platform and integrated it more closely with automations from Google so that advertisers can do two things more efficiently: Advertisers can create their own automations using…

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