Designing a Responsive Website for a Local Gym — a UX Case Study

Designing a Responsive Website for a Local Gym — a UX Case Study fireart.studio2 years ago in #Web Design Love52

Do you think that an illustration is something beautiful or funny? We can’t help but agree. However, are you sure you know about its more practical aspect that can bring a lot of benefits to your business? In this article, Fireart Studio will share with you some of our insights related to the power of digital illustration in website design. Are you ready? We start. Design by Barbara Morrigan for Fireart Studio Craft a Brand Voice With an Illustration in Website Design Design by Kostia Varhatiuk for Fireart Studio Digital illustration is not only a beautiful image but also an essential channel of communication with your target audience at a more emotional and personal level. It allows us to transfer not obvious but still valuable information about your brand. The mood, voice, style, and other unique brand’s peculiarities can be masterfully encoded in a single illustration.  You can reveal your brand’s character by creating distinctive and memorable heroes that can accompany your potential customers during a whole journey on your website. You can even create your own mascot that will embody your brand. The mascot is a character (no matter whether it is an animal, person, or an alien) that symbolizes your company and is often presented along with a logo.  Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Fireart Studio Design by Barbara Morrigan for Fireart Studio  You can design illustrations and heroes, incorporating your branding colors, logos, specific visual metaphors that symbolize your brand, and so on. There are multiple methods to express your brand identity in an illustration. By creating the so-called branded illustrations, you also ensure that your brand will become more visible online. People don’t remember brand names or facts. They remember images related to them. Digital illustration is a perfect way to emphasize your brand’s fantastic image, create powerful associations, and instill them to your audience. Use Illustrations and Animation for User Onboarding Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Fireart Studio Actually, excellent customer service starts with a great user onboarding. By creating clear, intuitive, and helpful explanations on how to navigate your site or how to use your product, you show that you, as a brand, really care about your customer success. To make your user onboarding experience even more enjoyable and visual, you can use digital illustrations.  By utilizing illustrations in your user interface, you can show users how to perform a targeted action on a site, use your service or product, or how they can contact your team in case of any issues. Masterfully crafted illustrations can work as visual tips on your website. Moreover, every great onboarding experience includes the greeting addressed to a new user.  The digital illustration can help you turn the user greeting into a point of excitement related to the beginning of the user journey with your brand. Humoristic heroes, bright images, and a whole lot of positive vibes – all this you can express in a single onboarding illustration that can’t leave anybody indifferent. Such an onboarding experience will evoke a smile on your user’s face and automatically help you set loyalty to your brand. Win Customer Loyalty With a Fun Illustration in UI Design Animation by Dmitrij for Fireart Studio Let’s consider how digital illustrations can make people more loyal to your brand. We are not saying now that it’s good,  » Read More

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