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If you want to do things differently, you can’t apply best practice, because best practices mean you’re copying what someone else did. And if you try to be unique, you have to look at what others did and adapt it for what you have done. Use the PDR process to achieve that: PDR process stands for PLAN something, DO it, REVIEW it. But don’t spend a month planning something, because the process of doing something teaches you more than the process of planning it. The way it works, it teaches you to be nimble, agile. Run test pilots of your product, learn, and adapt quickly. Don’t simply do what others do, do what is unique to your situation. Remember that ‘Best practices’ is copying what others did. You can’t break out of the pack by doing what others did. They may inspire you, but you have to do it differently. Even if you copy what others do, remember that it has to work within your context. If you following the recommendation, make sure the environment is right in which your company operates. Thank you for reading! Share this post with someone who might need it right now. URL Out – – 30kstrategy.comDate – 2019-11-19 14:35:46

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