The Complete Practical Guide to Logos and Logo Design in 2020

The Complete Practical Guide to Logos and Logo Design in 2020 logobly.com2 days ago in #Design Love24

Welcome to our complete practical guide guide to logos and logo design in 2020. In this detailed guide you’ll learn about: What the word logo means Types of logos What makes a great logo Logo colors Logo fonts How to design a logo How to write a logo design brief Logo design costs Color systems File formats If you want to get your logo design knowledge up to speed, this is the guide for you. Let’s dive in! What the word logo means The word ‘logo’ is actually an abbreviation of the word logotype. Technically speaking, all logos are logotypes. ‘Logotype’ comes from combining two Greek words. ‘Logos’ meaning word, and ‘typos’ meaning imprint. Combine them together and you get the word ‘logotype’. So there you have it, the word logotype means ‘word imprint’ – makes sense. Types of logos There are a number of different logotypes. Which logo you need depends on your business, where the logo will be used and your personal preference. The 4 main logotypes are word mark logos, letter mark logos, pictorial logos, and combination logos. Other types of logos include dynamic logos and responsive logos. Check out the below for examples of all of these logo designs. Word mark logos Word mark logos are logos that are made just from text. A word mark logo uses the name of the company for the logo. There are no additional elements used in word mark logos – that’s what makes them so awesome! Nasa, ToysRUs, Google, Coca-Cola, Disney and Yahoo! are all great examples of famous word mark logos. Letter mark logos Letter mark logos are made up of the initials of the brand name or business. They are text-only but they are shorter because they are just initials. Popular examples of letter mark logos include CNN, BBC, H&M, IBM, UFC and P&G. Pictorial logos A pictorial logo is an icon or graphic symbol some brands use to represent themselves. It’s often used separately and on its own, as a sort shorthand way to represent the brand. Great examples of pictorial logos include Twitter’s bird, Apple’s apple, Dominoes domino, Starbucks mermaid Nike’s swoosh and the WWF’s panda. Combination logos A combination is a logo that is a joining together of a word mark and a pictorial logo. These types of logos are quite common in modern branding and are also useful if you want to use the pictorial logo separately. Pizza Hut, Lacoste, AirBnB, Slack, Microsoft and Rolex are all great examples of combination logos. Dynamic logos Dynamic logos are logos that change their appearance to suit different themes or topics. Generally speaking, a dynamic logo keeps its main structure but changes its colors, textures or ways of being rendered. Famous examples of dynamic logos include the MTV logo and the Google Doodles logo. Responsive logos A responsive logo is a logo that adapts to its environment.  » Read More

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