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Design Usability Creativity Content Photography basics for beginners. Screenshots Jury votes Comments Art Director & Designer at Dorfjungs. Founder and UX Director at Carter Digital Senior Designer at Mediamonks Advanced Team, co-owner and designer Freelance Art Director and Digital Designer Tubik Studio, Art Director Lead Designer at Geex Arts Jomor Design, Designer & Founder Interactive designer at Immersive Garden Co-founder and Creative Director at Viens-là Awwwards Users – Pro and Chief Freelance creative developer Creative Frontend Developer at Red Collar Creative Director and Founder at -99 design studio Arthur de Almeida from Brazil 35 Collect 102 Collect From Netherlands May 21, 2020 81 Collect From United States May 20, 2020 74 Collect From United States May 19, 2020 Jury vote eliminated Sites are sent to a minimum of 16 Design Jury members, the two scores furthest from the average will be automatically eliminated by our system. SOTD will then be sent to the Developer Jury to be evaluated following the Developer Guidelines,  » Read More

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