New Microsoft Edge Logo #Design
4 months ago
New Microsoft Edge Logo

While we may still not know when the final version of Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is coming out, we got our first look at its logo this weekend. The redesigned icon was the reward for solving an elaborate Easter egg hunt inside the latest Canary versions of Edge. Apropos of its wave design, the puzzle’s final leg involved beating a hidden surfing mini-game. Other than still spelling out the letter e, this new logo ditches any element that could possibly make you think of Microsoft’s previous doomed browser, Internet Explorer. It’s really obvious when you lay out the company’s icons from the last two decades side by side, as the Twitter user below did. Really liked the new Microsoft Edge icon. Looks modern and stands out in the crowd. Here is the history of all the Microsoft browser icons from the last 20 years. — Parth Shah???? (@parth2eets) November…

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