New Logo and Identity for Distance Disco

New Logo and Identity for Distance Disco

New About (Est. 2020) “Distance Disco is a digital matchmaking dance party: find the person dancing to your song! For Distance Disco you’ll need: your best dance moves 💃🏾 a computer webcam internet 💻 a cool outfit 👩🏼‍🎤🕺🏾👨🏿‍🎤🕺🏾 BYO drinks 🍸. Distance Disco (currently in beta version) is initiated and created by Amsterdam based independent and interactive artists as a quirky social experiment. The project is created by DuoDisco (Mark Meeuwenoord, Arjan Scherpenisse and Klasien van de Zandschulp) in collaboration with TIN.” Design by TIN (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Related links TIN project page Relevant quote To enhance the optimal disco experience, the visual identity is a cacophony of vivid colors and cheeky dance moves. While you’re dancing in your room behind your screen, your home will be just as festive as your favourite club. TIN project page Images (opinion after) Logo. Characters Characters dancing. Interface. Avatar-maker. Social media content. Flyers. T-shirt and cap. Fabric thing. Out of home advertising. Opinion Since it’s Friday, I figured something more lighthearted would be welcome. I’ll start by saying that I dislike dancing and I do not enjoy the awkward social interaction that Zoom makes possible — I’m sorry, deep inside (or maybe not so deep) I’m a curmudgeon — so this Distance Disco thing would basically be one version of hell for me. Nonetheless, the energy, looseness, and lack of pretentiousness of this identity is contagious. It’s not great by most standards, it’s just fun. The wordmark is a little awkward but the filled-in “D”s and “O” look like lights at a nightclub and the flashing colors make it feel like you are there. The character is super weird with a 16:9 head and coffee-stirrer-sticks for legs but the thing can dance — waaaay better than me. If I had one formal critique it would be the rounded corners of the “D”s as the eyes; everything else is so angular that they stand out oddly. I know Distance Disco is not going to be making any large media buys to justify out of home advertising renders but that last image makes me, almost, want to dance. See what else happened on Brand New each year since publication began in 2006 Spotted Around the web Pinned Recent, Big Stories Curated SIGNATURE STYLE  » Read More

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