Come Alive with Pepsi Logo History

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The Pepsi logo evolution had made a long way from dubious lettering to a sharp three-colored logotype. There were minimalism and realism, script and sans serif, isolated logo and the one with a colorful background. All the stages it comes through to get polished and encapsulate the brand’s story. Refreshes without filling — the slogan you see in many vintage Pepsi posters, telling you how to make your life better by sipping on this miracle drink. Actually, it won’t necessarily be a false statement because back in the day, Pepsi aimed at helping people with digestion issues. So how exactly it had transformed into the fashionable beverage? Taking a look at the Pepsi logo history would help you find out. Pixelbuddha Plus Membership Get access to the creative content of premium quality! Pixelbuddha Plus brings remarkable deals, trendy design goods and exclusive time-limited offers for a price of a single premium product. Before The Pepsi Logo Began It would be ridiculous to state that Pepsi was always called that. Originally, it had a name “Brad’s drink” and it wasn’t fizzy at all. “Brad’s drink” is called after Caleb D. Bradham, an American pharmacist, invented Pepsi by combining a kola nut extract, vanilla, and “rare oils”. Bradham believed that his miracle beverage aided digestion just the way pepsin does (the gastric juice, that reduces proteins into smaller amino acids), so in 1898 by putting “pepsin” and “cola” together the “Pepsi-Cola” name was registered. No Pepsi logo whatsoever, but it was the first step before establishing the product’s logotype. 1893: Brad’s Drink. Before Pepsi was Pepsi. Old Pepsi Logo Was Burning Red Between 1898 and 1940 the Pepsi logo was nothing but the word “Pepsi-Cola” written with a red script (first swirly and ugly but then smooth handwriting font). The 1898 variant looked spiky and aggressive, there was no way you could read this Pepsi Cola logo clearly. 1903: First Pepsi Logo Next, there was still not the best Pepsi logo variant in 1905. It seemed like the improvements began from the left to the right: letter “P” was okay but look at the last “a”, it’s sick! And what’s wrong with this “C” with its scarf-on-the-wind swirl? This approach to the Pepsi logo works just as a memorable red stain, associated with the drink, and not a well-designed logotype. 1905 Pepsi Logo One year has passed since this release and in 1906 the new Pepsi logo was significantly changed. There were spikes again but the image of the Pepsi logo obtained the softness and coherent style. See the incline? It made the Pepsi logo look more alive and mature. Last but not least, the appearance of “drink” in the top left corner, standing for the product’s meaning and a call-to-action. Nevertheless, the new Pepsi logo was still very raw. 1906 Pepsi Logo Saving the swirls but adding the clearness — the company didn’t want the Pepsi-Cola logo concept to be changed and just added the smooth lines to the typeface. It became a sight for sore eyes! 1940 Pepsi Logo Pepsi-Cola Logo Got Its Cap The first version came in 1950, the new one in 1962 and all of them in a bottle cap. Here the blue color steps in to highlight the attention-getting red: the Pepsi logo itself takes the available white space.  » Read More

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