Design Roundup June 2020

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We know the importance for designers to stay updated with relevant news and trends. It not only keeps designers well informed but also helps them to find inspiration, improve workflow, and deliver better results to their clients. In this monthly series, we aim to round up some of the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month. We aim to make this your best go-to destination for all the great stories, news, tools, resources, and everything that can make you more creative and productive. Here’s what you may find interesting for designers this month. 7 tips for an effective UX demoHow to confidently convey your work in any situation My entire agile process to redesign scrimba.comThere’s a lot of ground to cover so let’s get to it! A simple exercise for career reflectionSometimes, we need to take a pause and reflect to grow 2020 Logo Trend Report  This report is an observation on the logo industry and isn’t meant as a guide for best practices. Trends are trajectories that will evolve and modify over time, not a passing fad. Use the ideas here to push your design skills to the next level and keep the trajectory moving to the next iteration.   UX DetailsUX details explores design patterns and interactions across a range of digital products. The goal is to share insights and inspiration with a broader community of creators. Which UI design tool should I use in 2020?A look at the state of UI design tools mid-2020 Supporting Dark Mode in Your Website Working with and supporting dark mode is fun. However, it’s not just for fun, it’s a feature, and some may even say it’s a necessity. This post focus on implementation of dark mode support in the website. The complete guide to CSS media queriesMedia queries are what make modern responsive design possible. With them you can set different styling based on things like a users screen size, device capabilities or user preferences. But how do they work, which ones are there and which ones should you use? Here’s the complete guide to media queries. Sorted Colors Sorted Colors – Sorted Colors is a tool to sort the named CSS colors in a way that it shows related colors together. This helps designers to decide between a few CSS colors by checking them side by side. Tutorialist An interesting website to find collection of free software development tutorials picked from youtube. Rough Notation A small JavaScript library to create and animate annotations on a web page. Rough Notation uses RoughJS to create a hand-drawn look and feel. Elements can be annotated in a number of different styles. Animation duration and delay can be configured, or just turned off. Neumorphism UI Neumorphism inspired User Interface Kit that will help you prototype and design beautiful, creative and modern websites. ArtveeAn intersting website to browse and download high-resolution, public domain artworks. Blush, Illustrations for Everyone Create, mix, and customize illustrations made by artists around the world.  » Read More

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