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When you’re always designing on the screen, it’s refreshing to just make things with your hands. Grab some Play-Doh, or in our case EZ Shape Modeling Clay, and let your imagination run wild. It’s easy to get caught up in work and forget the little things. It had been ages since I’d designed a personal card for my dad. When a fellow designer brought in postcards, stamps, and markers, I was grateful to have time at work to show some love and appreciation for family. If you’re feeling inspired, I leave you with three tips I learned along the way for starting your own Design Lunch Hour: Try everything Why not? Here’s where to test new skills, subjects, mediums, ideas, and even conference rooms. Include everyone We often invite visitors from other offices to join us, and we’ve started to see engineers and others from teams outside of design want to join in. Use polls to gauge interest for different activities and empower anyone with an idea to run their own session. Show off a little Hang drawings. Post photos. Share what you’ve created, learned, and watched on social media. Let the world see how amazing, talented, and multidimensional everyone on your team is. I think all creatives find activities of their own to stay inspired. It’s how we maintain a fresh eye and keep our problem-solving skills sharp so we can do our best work. Tools and technology are wonderful things but they can’t give you the creative energy a band of open-minded souls will. So give it a try. List of creative exercises for creative teams from the Foursquare design team 28 to Make, 28 daily creative project ideas to get you in the habit of making Draft and Draw, a monthly meeting for drinkers with a drawing problem, featuring a “creative professional who shares the story of coping with their habit.” Shoutout to the SF design team, thanks for being the best community a designer can ask for. ❤️ URL Out – – medium.comDate – 2019-11-12 14:59:35

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