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Squarespace moved all of my websites’ images to a new content delivery network in the early fall. As a result, visits from Google Images briefly dropped to zero while Google processed the changes. It took several months for these images to return to their prior rankings, despite the 301 redirects. The Relative Importance of Links Is in Flux My family travel blog has 50,000 words of unique content, hundreds of original photographs and very few backlinks. Nevertheless, the site’s search visibility grew steadily all year long…until recently. The site was crushed by Google’s Nov. 7th algorithm update and it hasn’t recovered since.  I’m not impartial, but I believe that my site’s travelogues are 10x better than the competition (e.g. Beaches Turks and Caicos, Dreams Punta Cana, and Eurodam Alaska). It kills me to see this content foundering, yet it may be a consequence of my failure to promote it. Some algorithm Updates Adjust International Targeting (And It Can Look Like a Penalty) Search visits to Good, Cheap and Fast fell off a cliff after Google’s Dec. 4, 2019 algorithm update, yet visits from the United States increased after that update. This makes sense because the site is only relevant to U.S. visitors. What seemed like a penalty was actually a reward! Google Is Becoming a Pop Culture Engine My name is shared with a victim of “The Amityville Horror” and Google doesn’t let me forget it. A Google search for “john defeo photographs” produces a list of crime scene photos and crackpot theories about ghosts. Meanwhile, both DuckDuckGo and Bing diversify their search results with respect to the fact that I was once a professional photographer. URL Out – – www.johnwdefeo.comDate – 2019-12-27 02:10:05

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