Creating Nonprofit Websites Within in Your Budget!

Creating Nonprofit Websites Within in Your Budget! cloudways.com3 years ago in #Cloudways Love34

Reading Time: 12 minutes Every business needs recognition and nonprofits are no exception. The best way to get recognition is by creating a digital presence. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations that would like to spread their message far and wide. Whether they need to raise funds, build awareness about a particular cause, or just want to create an online presence, this article is about them. In this article, we will discuss why nonprofit businesses need to create a digital presence and the right way to do it. But first… Why Nonprofits Need a Website A website alone is not the only option available for nonprofits. They can also go for social media pages/accounts to spread their message. The only problem is that these social media accounts will limit them to a selected medium. A few reasons why a website for nonprofits will be a far better option instead of a social media account include: A website gives more exposure to the brand Interested people can learn more about the nonprofit brand through its website Nonprofits can use their website to collect donations by setting up year-round donations forms, full-featured donation plugins and safe to use payment gateways. They can share their regular activities including seminars, events, press releases, presentations, and much more They can also create a community where others can engage and come up with better solutions They can also use the website to promote a particular cause A nonprofit website should look simple and attractive. Here is the basic structure of an introductory page of the website. This type doesn’t even require a huge budget. Source: Npengage Set a Website Budget Budget: $500 to $1000 To create your nonprofit’s website. You should have an estimated budget in place. Let’s say you are starting a small nonprofit business and you have a budget of around $500. In this budget, what type of website will suit your business? The type of website you choose depends on the content you need to publish on it. Let’s make a list of content types that you would possibly want to publish on the site. Recent updates, blogs, and press releases Gallery section for pictures and videos Posts such as causes, campaigns, and events Collecting donations with a real-time change in collected donation amount (crowdfunding script integration) The payment gateway for donations, purchases, and event registrations These are just some of the elements that can make a website an asset for the nonprofit business. Though the website will work with just blogs and press releases, it is important to have a payment gateway to accept donations/funds as that helps website visitors easily navigate and donate their money/funds for a particular cause. However, considering that not all NGOs have the budget to add all these features to the website, they can start small. Type of Nonprofit Website Here is a list of various website templates that nonprofits can choose from. 1. Small Business Website Budget: $100 to $500 Nonprofits are only interested in creating a digital presence can opt to create a small business website. This type of website is also called a portfolio website. It doesn’t cost much, and most developers will charge around $100 to set one up for you.  » Read More

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