Condom Brand Launches Plugin that Blocks Baby Photos on Facebook petapixel.com3 years ago in #Funny Love116

Tired of baby photos flooding your social media? The condom company SKYN has developed a Google Chrome extension called “Baby Blocker” that blocks baby photos from being displayed in your Facebook feed. SKYN states that parents share an average of 1,500 photos of their kids from when they’re born to when they turn five, and this volume may be a little too overwhelming for some. The “social media contraceptive” detects baby photos (using the tags automatically generated behind-the-scenes by Facebook) and swaps them out for photos of “things you actually like,” SKYN says, promising that the app “gives you more browsing pleasure, and a 99.9% certainty you’ll stay kid-free.” Here’s a 1-minute promo video for the new software: Baby Blocker is free and can be added to your Google Chrome browser by visiting its page on the Chrome Web Store. URL Out – – petapixel.comDate – 2019-10-08 10:35:21

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