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Hi PH Community, We are happy to introduce you to Colorsinspo! We have been working extensively on this for the past two months. It’s been an exciting journey to make “Colorsinspo.” The team consists of myself and @its_mnthn. 🎉 Say no to 1. The Manual process of creating palettes2. Spend time to find the right color over days or weeks.3. Find a random color palette generator.4. Any other resource related to color 1. What is Colorsinspo? Colorsinspo is built on purpose to educate people about color as it plays a vital role in affecting viewers’ emotions. It is a fact that visual interaction speaks more than text does. To successfully derived your audience towards the product, you need to have the best visuals and precisely colors that represent your brand and connect with the customer’s emotion. The idea of building such a product came from my own experience of learning about colors. We see lots of information about finding perfect colors, usage guides, and many tools scattered over the internet. We decide to give them from one source so anyone is looking for can find it in one place. Bookmark the site to use it in your next project! 2. Why Colorsinspo? Colorsinspo is the world’s first platform with precious resources to understand the color, including Color Palettes, Gradients, Rich Tools, Solid Colors, Color Game to develop a sense of perfect brightness and color differences. You can use this for your projects and commercial projects. Read the articles from the experts that are working and researching on colors and how color affects human nature and use this knowledge in your projects to get closer to customers. Freebies for colors, color inspirations, color templates, and resources for your next design project. Free and high-quality color freebies.—– What’s Next: We are continually working to make a home of more tools and resources, some tools that are coming to Colorsinspo in near future Color Contras Checker Inspect Color Colors from image Color Theory-Based System Hue Palettes Texture Gradient —– If you have any idea that we should consider, then we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. URL Out – – www.producthunt.comDate – 2020-01-03 08:30:12

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