How to Build a Remote Team #Business
2 months ago
How to Build a Remote Team

More and more companies are starting to realize the benefits remote work brings and are considering hiring their first remote team members.A lot of companies are already working remotely from the officeCommunication between team members is often already happening in a virtual office even if people are sitting in the physical office.Sometimes team members might be sitting next to each other, but still communicate through text messages or on a chat channel so as not to disturb others workflow. This way they can work through the messages when they have the time.If your company is already mostly communicating virtually, switching to remote can be quite easy. You just stop coming to the office!This is exactly what Marketgoo did – they started building their do-it-yourself SEO tool in the office and have been gradually moving remote. First, the marketing manager and then the whole development team started working remotely. When there…

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