Getting a Seat at the Table as a UX Writer #Business
6 months ago
Getting a Seat at the Table as a UX Writer

Do you sometimes feel a little invisible as a UX writer? Like you don’t have a seat at the table? Getting a seat at the table means two things to me: Being seen and treated as an essential member of the project team Feeling empowered to make UX writing decisions for the project Here are some tips on how to raise your visibility (and gain more recognition) for the work you do! You might work with someone who has never heard of a UX writer. Or maybe you work with a designer who is used to writing their own copy. Either way, it’s helpful to explain what you do as a UX writer and how you do it. Introduce yourself in a 1:1 chat when someone new joins the team, or get on the agenda at the next team meeting. I recently gave a short presentation to our summer interns…

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