Best 14+ Bootstrap Open- Source Projects

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We continue our series of articles with the best open source projects for building web applications. In previous articles, we compiled collections for technologies such as Vue, React, Angular, and now it is Bootstrap’s turn. We will shortly describe what kind of technology this is. Most of you already know it – we’ll just emphasize that it has not lost its relevance. Let us recall our evaluation criteria for open source projects. In Flatlogic we create web & mobile application templates built with React, Vue, Angular and React Native to help you develop web & mobile apps faster. Go and check out yourself!See our themes! Documentation. Any good project should have comprehensive documentation; How well the rules of committing are described. This is essential for open-source projects if they want to grow the number of contributors; How well the work with issues is organized. Work with issues should be well organized so that contributors know which ones to fix first; Does the project have a roadmap? The roadmap helps contributors choose the feature they will develop first; The number of stars on Github. To some extent, this criterion reflects the quality of the project; Maturity. Analyzing the project development and trying to decide what should be used as an instrument to gain the result, you need to be careful choosing the tools that have not yet matured or approved themselves; Bugs or vulnerabilities. There might not be a big knowledge base or community in case you need help. Admin panels and dashboard templates; UI Kits/Design Systems; UI Components. Admin panels and dashboard templates Sing App Web-site: page: MITGithub stars: 1.1kContribution guideline: Yes Sing App is a bootstrap admin template based on Bootstrap 4 with more than 30 pages. It has 100% Responsive layout. Sing is a perfect choice both for a small startup and an established enterprise. Features and pages Bootstrap 4 & SCSS; Responsive layout; Styled Bootstrap components like buttons, modals, etc Dashboard sample; Typography; Tables; Notifications; Base charts; Icons; Maps Hover sidebar. The project has good documentation and a contribution guide. It also has a good team behind it that constantly updates and improves the product. It is a good project to contribute because it is not so popular, and you can see the result of your work instantly. Tabler Web-site: page: MITGithub stars: 21.3kContribution guideline: No Tabler is a collection of pre-made components and templates for clear and easy administration panels. Tabler is fully responsive and provides cross-browser support right out of the box. Tabler includes more than 20 individual pages that feature countless components and other functionalities. It’s built using modern technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. All components can take variation in color and styling that can easily be modified using Sass.  » Read More

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