Artboard Studio introducing Delicè, a free customizable Brand Design Concept abduzeedo.com3 years ago in #Design Love278

Another great design tool Artboard Studio have just released ‘Delicè’, a brand design concept as a free and customizable series of templates can be used on their platform. For those, you never heard of Artboard Studio, we have featured them before on ABDZ as ‘The last Mockup Creator tool you will ever need. For this concept, they decided to share how powerful and effective is their tool and how far you can actually create amazing presentations to showcase your work and/or portfolio. Delice branding design concept created with Artboard Studio. All mockup templates available for free. Brand Design Concept More on Artboard Studio URL Out – – abduzeedo.comDate – 2019-07-31 17:39:47

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